We have worked with several wonderfully talented literary artists across several genres.
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We are a Dallas-based virtual publishing company that provides multi-faceting publishing options for all our clients including editing, typesetting, book cover design, marketing and more!
We have a suite of high-quality solutions that cost effective and rewarding.
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WWe exist to provide authors, writers, and literary artists with exemplary, high-quality publishing solutions that yield successful results.

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What do they say about Daymond, Founder of Omniversal Publishing House? Take a look . . .
Dian LeBrin

Dian LeBrin

Writer & Guest Speaker

I could not have asked for a more professional and amazing Coach and Editor. It is so refreshing when someone can see your vision and know exactly how to make that vision a reality.

Daymond, thank you so much for making me want to be better and pushing me beyond what I thought was my limit.

If you are looking for a Coach and Editor, i would highly recommend Daymond Lavine. I give you my word, you will not be disappointed.

Mrs. Patsy Bazile

Mrs. Patsy Bazile

Writer, Guest Speaker & Staff Editor

Rest In Peace,
September 19, 1995 to July 31, 2017

The services Daymond provides are unique and high quality. His effectiveness in communication makes your vision development easy as he listens and share his thoughts with you. Then, he plans strategies of motivation that challenge his clients to reach higher levels. Their visions thus transform to realities! Now I have become his Staff Editor for other writers and others that seek out the services of Omniversal Publishing House! Thank you, so very much, Daymond, for sharing my vision, and helping me to make my vision a reality! Looking for an Editor, Publisher, or Coach? Most definitely, I highly recommend Daymond and our total service suite!

Derek Vitatoe

Derek Vitatoe

Writer, Director & Producer

I’ve worked with Daymond on several projects now, and he continues to raise the bar with his exceptional level of creativity and attention to detail. Not only does he push the envelope on the creative scale, but he’s also good to work with.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and partnering with Daymond -- and look forward to seeing what fun and exciting ideas he comes up with for my future projects.

Our Pricing

Our primary service packages include editing, layout, design and distribution options.
  • Popular
  • Editing
  • Copy Editing involves improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of text. Content Editing involves checking for and correcting factual errors, contradictions, inconsistencies, plot-subplot disintegration, and discrepancies in the plot, character or dialogue.

  • Copy Editing
  • 100 pages or less - $185
  • 101 pages to 250 pages - $275
  • 251 pages to 500 pages - $500
  • 500+ pages – Contact to receive estimates dependent on exact page count
  • Content Editing
  • 100 pages or less - $385
  • 101 pages to 250 pages - $475
  • 251 pages to 500 pages - $700
  • 500+ pages – Contact to receive estimates dependent on exact page count
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  • Layout
  • Layout involves developing a concept for the exterior elements and typesetting interior contents with supplemental design elements to make your book visually appealing in accordance with its subject matter.

  • Typesetting
  • 100 pages or less - $200
  • 101 pages to 250 pages - $290
  • 251 pages to 500 pages - $380
  • 500+ pages – Contact to receive estimates dependent on exact page count
  • E-book Generation
  • 100 pages or less - $150
  • 101 pages to 250 pages - $250
  • 251 pages to 500 pages - $375
  • 500+ pages – Contact to receive estimates dependent on exact page count
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  • Popular
  • Design
  • Design involves creating the graphics for the cover, spine, and back cover of the book in preparation for print and distribution.

    This service is provided via our sister company Moksha Media.

  • Graphics
  • Cover, Spine & Back Cover - $325
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  • Distribution
  • Distribution involves the establishment of processes and interfaces to have your book or e-book available for purchase via direct sales and retail outlets.
  • On-Demand & Retail Distribution
  • Established via a Publishing Agreement and percentage fees.
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NOTE:Editing, Typesetting and E-book generation pricing above based on initial manuscripts submitted with 1" border, 12pt font, single spaced in Microsoft Word format, or similar.
Any questions about our pricing? Call us at (817) 381-8332

Book Publishing At a Glance

We know you have questions and we have the answers!


In any literary development effort, the editing process is perhaps the most important. It involves the development of your content to meet your needs as well as your target audience needs. Before the book is edited, however, the more time you spend developing your own content is the less work, time and effort we have to exert in getting it ready for print and production. We urge you to PLAN, well in advance, for success!


As people make their way through the pages of your book, it's important to note that you will be evoking emotions within them. It helps to visually layout text, visual details using design elements, font types, and spacing that aesthetically make sense for the type of literary work you are developing. We help you make those decisions!


We have all heard the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words." If your book cover is not visually pleasing and captivating, then where does that put your book sales? We urge you to make the effort to draw people in. Make them want to touch your book and read the pages of it. Your book cover is a billboard for your book! Omniversal Publishing House is a sister company of Moksha Media. We help you develop fantastic book covers that captivate your target market!


Typically, debut authors and writers don't know how difficult it is to promote and sell their works. They speak and write about topics and subject matter that is near and dear to their hearts, but they forget to think about how they should be convincing the rest of the world their subject matter is important. We are sympathetic to that challenge, so we provide distribution services through a majority of online retailers that get your publications recognized across the nation and the world.

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