Daymond E. Lavine

Daymond E. Lavine has been offering creative services for years via Moksha Media, his graphic design, branding, PR, and web development firm. His primary clientele initially consisted of authors and writers, thus his natural growth for inclusion of publishing services as one of his many service provisions was destined to happen. Daymond is a creative powerhouse, able to combine his creative services with a sound background of engineering experience. Daymond prides himself in adding technical depth and prowess to any project. He is determined to help all of his clients succeed and reach goals beyond their imagination.

Patsy Bazile

Rest in Peace,
September 19, 1955 - July 31, 2017

Mrs. Patsy Bazile was a retired schoolteacher, wife, and mother. She worked in the school system for over 32 years; but before then, she worked as an administrator and paralegal assistant. After retiring, Patsy did not find it difficult to stay busy at all. She was the secretary at her church, and she provided graphic design and invitation development services to clientele in her home town of Opelousas, Louisiana. She launched her first book entitled Metaphors of Faith, Words of a Praying Woman in 2016. She has became an integral part of Omniversal Publishing House as a Staff Editor in 2017.

Years Experience

To think it all started with book cover designs . . . and now we have Omniversal Publishing House!

Omniversal Publishing House is a Dallas-based publishing firm, owned and operated by Daymond E. Lavine as a subsidiary of Zen Sky Life LLC and a sister company of Moksha-Media and Perimeter Zen. Omniversal Publishing House is established to provide writers with a powerful set of tools to succeed. We have a total solution suite that covers editing & layout, book cover design, general promotional graphics, branding, event promotions, publishing, and nationwide/global distribution.

We make great things happen

We love what we do, and you will love it too . . . that's a promise.


We ensure your image, brand & books offer seamless class and show your insightful attention to detail.


We believe in all of our clients, and we know that it's our job to ensure you meet your literary goals.


You can count on us to be there for you and have the answers to all of your questions! Whatever you need, we get it done.


By identifying your goals & aspirations, we turn your vision into a reality by producing high quality products & services.

Why You Should You Work With Us?

Because we are concerned with only one thing . . . helping you meet your potential!


We exist to provide our clients with book development and production solutions that meet and/or surpass expectations.


Our primary purpose is developing and promoting literary talent that typically remains hidden in mainstream society.


Our solutions include editing, interior layout, book cover design, branding, publishing, and distribution.


Omniversal Publishing House (OPH) exists to provide authors, writers, and literary artists with exemplary, high-quality publishing solutions that yield results via precise development and marketing tactics

Note: OPH provides graphics, publishing and distribution services for its clientele.