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If you had asked me years ago if I would establish a publishing company, I would have said, "No indeed. Why would I? I have no desire to do so."


But experiences bring opportunities. This happens to be one of them, and I'm so happy to officially embark on it.


Daymond E. Lavine, CEO

Book publishing had never been on my bucket list of things to accomplish. But now, I see that day has come to pass, and I am now very pleased to make this announcement. Omniversal Publishing House is here and the official website is It's so strange how life goes sometimes, isn't it?

It's not like I was sitting around looking for something else to do, trust me. But what I have always prided myself in doing is taking on new creative challenges that allow me to grow. I know that I am blessed to use my God-given talents to help others, so I do it. Without a doubt, I know that I am a servant of God, humanity, and the greater good of all.

It took some time for me to get it, but I now know for sure there are people who come into our lives to help us grow, learn, expand, and succeed beyond our own imaginations. We in turn do the same for them. We are all very small parts of a very large universe. But together, we form synergetic bonds that have profound impacts on everyone and everything else around us. As for me specifically, I know that one of my primary purposes in life is to establish, solicit, and advocate what I call deliberate success (#deliberatesuccess). All of my businesses have this purpose embedded within them, and Omniversal Publishing House is no exception. OPH is an extension of other businesses I have created; however, it specifically services authors and writers.

But how did it come to be, you ask?

Over the past few years, while I continued to grow my brands which stretch across graphic design, website development, PR solutions, real estate, event management, coaching, mentoring, and philantropic efforts, I have continually worked with authors and writers. In fact, it was authors and writers who challenged me the most throughout my creative efforts. Authors are interesting because their books can always be managed as projects that require a plethora of services and products to get their stories or topics out to the mainstream and sold.

At this time, I am most well known for running Moksha MediaPerimeter Zen, and AgentsDFW, but I have been silently running Omniversal Publishing in the background since 2011. I wasn't crazy. I knew then that if I had officially announced I was running a book publishing company along with all the other stuff I was doing, then I would have been bombarded with work I was not ready to do. Book publishing is not easy. In fact, writers will often tell you that birthing a book is complicated, full of unexpected twists and turns along the way that are sometimes unimaginable. Thus, my path to book publishing has been very "organic." In other words, it has culminated to this moment because I have done my homework regarding listening my heart, identifying my purposes in life, and subsequently performing with excellence to take on yet another task I know I am meant to do. Additionally, I have established a body of work that has brought me to this momenta body of work that advertises when people work with me, I mean business!

Please feel free to browse the Omniversal Publishing Website and see the multitude of book publishing services we offer. What makes OPH different is that we not only offer editing, layout, publishing and distribution solutions; we also provide services via Moksha Media that encompass branding, public relations, and website development solutions for our authors and writers! In essence, we provide a total solution suite to help our clients succeed.

Tell your friends and family about Omniversal Publishing House. If you know someone who is in the process of writing a book or who is in search of getting a book produced, published, and distributed, then let them know about us! We are specifically targeting those with interesting stories to tell that often are devalued by mainstream society. We want our clients to get noticed, and we are ready to provide them with high-quality solutions that aptly place them on strategic paths of success and recognition!


~ Daymond ~
Thanks for reading! XO


Our Total Solution Suite

Web Development
We provide website development services for our authors via
General Graphic Design
We provide graphic design services for our authors and writers via
EPK Development
We provide EPK design services for our authors and writers via
We provide copy and content editing services for our authors and writers right here at Omniversal Publishing House.
Typesetting & Layout
We provide typesetting and book interior layout services for our authors and writers at Omniversal Publishing House.
On-Demand Distribution
We provide national, on-demand distribution services via major retailers for our authors and writers at Omniversal Publishing House.
General Consultation
We provide general consultation services for our authors and writers right here at Omniversal Publishing House.


Omniversal Publishing House (OPH) exists to provide authors, writers, and literary artists with exemplary, high-quality publishing solutions that yield results via precise development and marketing tactics

Note: OPH provides graphics, publishing and distribution services for its clientele.